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Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting is pleased to announce


Julia Rommel, Jasper, 2012, Oil on linen, 95,5 x 97,8. Unique. Provenance: private collection, Italy.

(Don’t Eat) the Yellow Snow


Private collection on sale, featuring works by Nick Darmstaedter, Hugo McCloud, Wyatt Kahn, Julia Rommel.


When: October 18 – November 18 2018

Where: on our Artsy page:

Please visit our Artsy page and follow us for the duration of the show to discover the full list of the works on on-line display.

Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting is proud to present our first online exclusive show taking place on our Artsy page. (Don’t Eat) the Yellow snow is a group exhibition featuring property from an Italian private collection that includes works by a crop of young international artists. The artists featured are Alain Biltereyst, Etienne Chambaud, Paul Czerlitzki, Nick Darmstaedter, Robert Davis, Nick Farhi, Wyatt Kahn, James Krone, Lauren Luloff, Hugo McCloud, Julia Rommel, Olve Sande, Davina Semo, Jack Siegel, Martin Soto Climent.

The title of the show, taken from a famous 1974 song by Frank Zappa, is also a reference to the painting by Nick Darmstaedter included in the exhibition. “Yellow Snow” identifies the boundaries of a collection that focuses on this generation of young and mid-career international artists, mostly American, that experiment with painting as a three-dimensional object and a multi-faceted medium. A common thread among the works of this Italian contemporary collection is minimalism that becomes a unifying principle of all these different kinds of researches.

‘Art of collecting is a passion that can hardly be inscribed into simplistic economic evaluations or into a rational mentality, declares the owner.A good collector is focusing only on those works capable of triggering reflections, stimulating emotions and discomposures. A collection is always starting from the inexplicable act of falling in love. My passion for art began over 30 years ago but I still can’t explain why’, he claims.

How it works. (Don’t Eat) the Yellow snow is an exhibition featuring 18 works from a group of artists exclusively belonging to an Italian private collection. The works will be on sale for one month only, exclusively for existing and new Artsy members.

To view the show, you are kindly asked to log in to the Artsy site and follow our gallery profile in order to receive notifications about newly available works.

The online display of the works will happen in stages: we are opening the show with a limited selection of 7 works from October 18th to 25th that will be expanded to 13 works during the second week of the exhibition from October 26th to November 1st. Finally to the full set of 18 works will be available from November 1st until the closing date of November 18th.

Please stay with us until the show closes by following us on our Instagram account, where you will also receive full information about the artworks published.