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Glenda Cinquegrana, ritratto di Renato Buontempo

Glenda Cinquegrana © Renato Buontempo.

Founded in Milan in 2006, Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting is a gallery specialising in Modern and Contemporary art, with a focus on photography, limited editions and young talents.

Glenda Cinquegrana started working in the art world at an early age, helping her father with the day to day business of running his gallery in Naples. After graduating in art history she moves to Milan, taking a position as sales manager at Pack Gallery.

In 2006, following her PhD in Cultural Economics, she opens her gallery Glenda Cinquegrana: the Studio, working with Italian and international artists. In the meantime, she is a frequent contributor to several magazines writing about the art market. In 2014 she also organizes and promotes an exhibition of young talents in Basel during the Art Basel fair week.

The gallery continues its operations until December 2014 when it turns into Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting following a change of location and a renewed focus on consultancy work for companies that invest and communicate with art projects. In November 2016 she founds The Art Incubator, a platform to host educational activities involving contemporary art with a particular focus on photography.

Glenda is currently a contributor to the Italian edition of Forbes Italia Magazine, writing about artists, the art market, and art as an investment. She also teaches Economic of the art market at Accademia di Belle Arti of Sassari.