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Roger Corona, 1995, Morso, from Pattern Geometrico series, Fine Art Giclèe print on Museum Silver Rag Baryta, cm 70 x 100, ed. 1/5. Courtesy the artist and Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting.

  Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting is pleased to announce the gallery participation to 



   Corps à Corps

Alfa Castaldi, Roger Corona, Silvia Gaffurini, Luca Izzo


Aisle A, Booth n. 30

The Mall, Piazza Lina Bo Bardi, 1

I-20124 Milan, Italy


Opening (on invitation only): March 8, 2018, h. 6.00 – 9.00 PM

March 9, 2018, h. 12.00 AM – 21.00 PM.
March 10 -12, 11.00 AM – 8.00 PM.


Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting is proud to announce its participation to MIA Photo Fair 2018, the international fair specialising in photography and moving image that will take place in Milan, at the Mall, from March 8 to 12, 2018.

Alfa Castaldi belongs to a generation of historic Italian artists, who set up their headquarters at the Giamaica Bar in Milan – such as Ugo Mulas, Carlo Bavagnoli and Mario Dondero, and artists such as Lucio Fontana and Piero Manzoni – cooperating to the radical renovation of Italian culture in the early Sixties. Alfa Castaldi, who initially was interested in reportage photography, after a crucial encounter with Anna Piaggi, first-class fashion editor, he dedicated totally to fashion photography: so he puts his innovative point of view at service of the fashion photography profession, working creatively with the best fashion designers of the new-born Italian pret-à-porter scene, such as Ken Scott, Walter Albini, Krizia, Armani and Biagiotti. Soon he becomes a leading photographer for top magazines such as Vogue and Uomo Vogue. We are featuring at MIAPhoto Fair 2018 a selection of modern prints produced in collaboration with Alfa Castaldi archive by Paolo Castaldi, by this Italian master bound to be discovered again.

We also are presenting photographer artist Roger Corona, a master of beauty photography, who was made famous by his research on nude, is included in the project. Art critic Giuliana Scimè writes clearly that in Corona’s research all the natural forms are summarised in the human body, and all the possibilities of geometric patterns are encompassed by the human body.

Raised in Florence, Corona considers geometry as a humanistic form of perfection. Sculpture is also for him a perpetual source of inspiration embodied into a light, which he employs in his photographs as sculptural material. Inspired by an idea of aesthetics that is combined happily ethical pureness, the artist’s research the synthesis in the forms produce images full of seductive, emotional and imaginative power.

Silvia Gaffurini’s research is inspired by criticism towards the fashion system, which can be found both in the Plastic Bag series and in Fleurs de..The artist from Brescia employs a complex photographic process in which selfies cover an important role, followed by embossing. Reflecting on the gap that lies between idea and reality, Gaffurini plays with photograph seen as a three-dimensional object, which she constructs each time differently. In the Plastic Bag series, the artist’s body is covered by a dress and seems imprisoned by a ready-to-wear mentality that is putting both the dress and female body on sale.

The work by Luca Izzo is also on display. He was recently awarded the Px3 2017, Prix de la Photographie in the Best New Talent category, including Desformes series, which was at the origin of the prize. The human body in images by Luca Izzo is deformed and twisted as it was looking for a centre of gravity, which is not easy to find. The photographer creates a metaphysics dimension made of symbols and geometric figures lying on an outer empty space, always suspended between abstraction and substance. The main focus of his research is to make the body whisper gloomy enigmas that the viewer has to resolve, in a vision where totemic human body embodies contemporary religion.