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Stefano Cagol



November 2-5, 2017

Opening: November, 2 opening party, 8.00 PM. – 1.00 AM. 

November 3- 4, 5.00 PM – 1.00 AM.

November 5, 5.00 PM – 8.00 PM.



Lungo Dora Firenze, 87

10153, Turin, Italy


Room 13, Pink Corridor

First floor


curated by Glenda Cinquegrana

In Anthropization the man’s influence over nature and history is the main concept through which Stefano Cagol’s research can be interpreted. Starting with his research on the border, passing through his reflections on the melting of the glaciers, until his most recent artworks focusing on bioethics and the drama of history, Anthropization is a curatorial project by Glenda Cinquegrana featuring an ‘excursus’ through the most brilliant and famous Cagol’s production. We are presenting a group of museum quality works that have never been exhibited into an art fair before.

The first artwork is by the title Ice Monolith (2013), a video featured at Venice Biennale in 2013, documenting the performance in which Cagol is bringing from the Alps to Venice a  1.400 kilos ice block. The video shows the ice block melting in a very few hours. This artwork, alluding to the climate change and its consequences on our ecosystem, was exhibited for the Maldives Pavilion, a country put at risk of existence by the global warming.

Light Dissolution (2008) has triggered one of the most famous and published works by Cagol, ‘The End of the Border’, in which Cagol deals with the border issue. This photograph dates back to the performance Cagol featured at Manifesta 7, in which using an electrical generator he traced a new border of light crossing different countries. The border, conceived as a human intervention on the territory, has recently turned out to be a key issue of our troubled political times.

Acquired in MART in Rovereto, Karlsruhe and Kunstraum in Innsbruck collections, September 11th  (2009) is an installation visualizing the use of the text and images the most dramatic date of contemporary history. Composed of some photographs and a poster, the installation by listing all the events that happened long before the American 9/11, renovates the metaphorical meanings of this date. Among those facts, we can find on the same meaning Pinochet’s golpe in Argentina, the failed death attempt to Mussolini, as well as the artist’s birth. Putting in relationship different events, Cagol gives us the tools of a better understanding of the meaning of this date, which is also fundamental for a better understanding of contemporary history.

LOLA Cow (2009) deals with the bioethics, biodiversity and eugenics issues. Lola, whose name was heralding domestic animals, is a typical and standardized name located on different animals’ skins: it becomes the perfect animal metaphor, the symbol of the more extreme experiments conducted on the animals.