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Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting was founded in 2006 as a consultancy boutique aimed at supporting private and public institutions in organizing cultural events.

Later on, we expanded our work to cover three key areas of interest:

  • Culture: we use our experience in contemporary art and the art market as the foundation of the consultancy activities targeted at innovative companies.
  • Public presence: we are PR and communication experts connecting dynamic businesses with the relevant players in the art world.
  • Education: we believe that in the current market any artist should own a set of tools to support the development of new artistic projects.

Some of our services:

  • Photo editing and support to art directors for communication projects that require a knowledgeable selection of artists.
  • Photography usage and rights: we will help you in finding the images you need and in managing the relationship with the artists and the licensing contracts.
  • PR partners for cultural events that require a custom and detail-oriented approach.
  • Educational opportunities for artists through our project The Art Incubator.

Please inquire to discuss your specific need.