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CROSSBUILDING with Silvia Idili and Francesco Irnem, 20.04 – 30.05.2017

Posted on 22 March 2017

Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting is pleased to announce


 Silvia Idili and Francesco Irnem



Opening: April 20th, 2017, 6.00 PM

April 21 – May 30, 2017.

By appointment only

With a text written by Francesca Franco and Rachele Paradiso.

Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting is pleased to announce Crossbuilding, a double solo show featuring artists Silvia Idili and Francesco Irnem, accompanied alongside by texts written by Francesca Franco and Rachele Paradiso. The exhibition’s title emphasizes a peculiarity residing in the project: both artists are cooperating in order to create a full interaction between the container and the content, between the building and the works. Despite the fact that their artistic language is far from being similar, works by Idili and Irnem create together a global aesthetic environment in which artefacts are connecting closely between each other and also with the gallery space.

The research developed by Francesco Irnem is freely combining painting and sculpture, focusing on the relationship between the natural and the artificial environment. The building materials, such as plaster or wire, are becoming the ideal foundation for oil paintings of classical inspiration. Ideally and materially detached from their original residences, the pieces of masonry are creating an inner relationship with the gallery space. Free from their original backgrounds, these fragments have become expanded objects, as they were the natural developments of the original mediums. Echoes of the antique figuration, that are typically appearing in  Irnem’s research, far from being a throwback to the past, have become a free interpretation: in Irnem’s work this is made possible through the use of a contemporary language that has acquired new meanings and futuristic possibilities.

Francesco Irnem, 2016, Multiple Fractures #02, oil, graphite powder, laser cut, frame, cm 100 x 84.

Works by Silvia Idili are perfectly combining with pieces by Irnem. Idili features some tables taken from the series ‘Visionarie’, including new works that have been specifically executed for the show. Evoking metaphysical atmospheres, some of them are of a small size, full of intimate and deep meanings. Portraits of women, or only geometric figures framed by curtains or simple architecture portions, are detaching from the background. These paintings, mostly composed of fully recognizable elements, when getting into a relationship with the others, are expressing new and surprising meanings. Located in a fully furnished space, these little-sized works are capable to produce a deep dialogue with it, as they were turning into like precious furniture objects: the works are emphasizing the space identity’s and its unique decorations. Within an experimental exhibition space, that is usually providing an intimate experience to the viewer, Crossbuilding is a step towards the full interaction between art and architecture.

Silvia Idili, 2017, Visionaria#41, oil on board, cm 22 x 22.